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Introducing Sean Miller, Executive Board Member since 2022

Through some of my previous careers as a general manager in the restaurant industry I've been very involved for 14 years with raising money for charity. While I was with Buffalo Wild Wings we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America. For four straight years I directly led our teams to not only reaching our locations goals, but surpass them and break company records at multiple different locations, including one in Knoxville, Tennessee after being there for only eight weeks. Before there I worked at Applebee's where we partnered with Make-A-Wish and helped raise money to makes kids dreams come true. While at Applebee's my location was always selected as a "host location" where we would bring in a child from our area and their entire family and provide them a night to not worry about anything and see first hand the efforts that were taking place to not only make their dream become a reality, but for other families as well in what could be uncertain times for them.

My wife, Danielle, introduced me to Peggy Pierce (Executive Director) and the Pierce Family Foundation (PFF) in 2018. I had attended events every year since then and have even been involved behind the scenes with helping set up, tear down, and also with designing and creating some of the items that guests have received in previous years. In January of 2022 our family suffered a major loss during the passing of our son. Since then I knew that I had to get involved more with this amazing organization since I may not be able to help my sons dreams come true, but I can help towards making others kids become a reality in his memory. In October of 2022 I then joined on the PFF as an Executive Board member where I can take my personality, determination, drive for success and previous experiences to help contribute to the mission and values of this organization.

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Sean Miller
Executive Board Member
The Pierce Family Foundation