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Hello Friends and Pierce Family Foundation Family!

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we are reaching out today. For the last decade, our foundation has been committed to supporting children diagnosed with cancer through our events and fundraising efforts. By engaging in some strategic planning, we concluded that we needed to create a permanency to our work. We are happy to share that we have made the decision to begin a Legacy Fund.

We have established an Investment Policy Statement for our organization and are in the process of opening an investment account at Fidelity. Each year, we will be funding this account with some of our fundraising proceeds to grow the fund, ensuring future kids will have the opportunity to attend camp!

Despite the recent pandemic and financial challenges some have faced, it is even more important that we work hard to provide a resource for these children. Should you find it in your heart to make a considerable one-time donation to help “seed” the fund, we would be eternally grateful!

We look forward to seeing everyone soon and getting back to the work we have enjoyed for the last decade. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Please visit our EVENTS page for details on our events. We will continue to communicate with you through facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email to make sure you don’t miss any details.

As always, we appreciate all your support, dedication, and gratitude. Best wishes for a prosperous 2021!

Thank you,
The Pierce Family Foundation